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Caltex StarCard

Caltex StarCard - accessible, well-managed and cost-effective fuel purchasing with access to the largest service station network in Australia.


Handypay is one of Australia's largest home improvement payment plan providers. Handypay provides simple and easy financial solutions for home improvement businesses to break large quotes into affordable payment plans for their customers.


IndiHub is Australia’s leading membership for Australian Retailers, connecting our members with the best suppliers and service providers in the industry. Find out more here or contact Matt Ritson at

inspire Accountants

Got a feeling you might be paying more than your fair share in tax? You probably are. Discover how you can boost your business's financial health with a ‘Look Under The Hood’ – a second opinion on if you’re paying too much tax as well as other insights into how to improve your business. Over the last 10 years, Inspire Accountants have been able to save their small business clients $29M in tax and counting. Book a complimentary 20-minute initial chat and reference "SPASA" as your referrer.


As a SPASA member, Payright enables your customers to buy now pay later on purchases up to $10,000 and bite-size instalments of up to 36 months. Through a combination of higher close rates and an increase in your average transaction value, Payright helps you grow your business and enable customers to budget their money better when maintaining their pool or upgrading their pool equipment.