Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Know your rights

The most important step towards successfully resolving a problem is to know and understand what you are entitled to under the Contract, Agreement and the Law.

Knowing and understanding your rights and entitlements under a Service Agreement, Quotation, Product Purchase or Contract gives you the ability to properly outline your complaint.

Understanding your rights also gives you a better opportunity for a successful and speedy resolution process.

From the beginning

  • Keep all written records of events. This includes emails, notes and other correspondence of when you informed the other party of the problem, the date and time, the person you spoke with and what was said or agreed

  • Keep a copy of any documents in chronological order and in one place for ease of access

  • Take photographs or a video if you feel this may assist you with your complaint

Speak to the contracted party immediately

Once you discover or are notified of a problem, you should immediately inform the Retail Outlet, Supplier, Service Provider or Swimming Pool Builder, either in person or with a phone call and/or email.

Make sure you sufficiently are able to:

  • Explain the problem or concern

  • When it developed or when you first noticed it

  • Ask what action they are likely to take

  • Ask what the time frame will be for them to inspect and/or rectify the problem

Write a letter

Write directly to the Other Party and plainly state:

  • What the problem is with the product, service or the construction

  • When it first occurred, or was noticed

  • Who have you informed to have the problem resolved (phone calls, emails or visits)

  • What you believe are your rights and expectations under the Contract or Agreement

  • What you believe needs to be done to resolve the complaint or concern

  • Request a time frame for a response and how they are likely to fix the problem/s

Letter writing basics:

  • Keep the letter or email short

  • Deal only with the facts

  • Leave the emotion out of your letter

  • Attach a copy of any relevant documents or photos you send or receive

The SPASA Complaint and Dispute Resolution Process is available to those Consumers who have contracted or dealt with a SPASA member ONLY.

To enquire about the SPASA complaints process please submit an enquiry here.

Agreement by both parties to participate in the dispute resolution procedures does not prevent either party at any stage from taking any other action against the other party to resolve the matter. However, upon being advised, or becoming aware of any legal or other action being commenced (or being considered) by either party - SPASA will immediately withdraw from any further participation.