CBS Updated Registration Pathways & Pending Audits

April 16th, 2024

In early 2023, Consumer and Business Services (CBS) in South Australia flagged concerns relating to swimming pool and spa contractor registrations for Pool Builders & Service Technicians.

Concerns raised included pool building and service work being undertaken by individuals and companies that were not registered.

To strengthen the registration process for the industry, SPASA worked with CBS by undertaking a review of pool building and service registration pathways to ensure that they reflected new qualifications and continued to meet the needs industry and consumers.

After a thorough investigation and careful consideration, CBS have supported SPASA’s recommendations to implement the following updated registration pathways.


Service Technicians & Pool Builders

1.   Successful completion of:

  • CPP31218 Certificate III in Swimming Pool and Spa Service and selected business units

  • CPC40820 Certificate IV Swimming Pool and Spa Building and selected business units*


2.   Demonstration of knowledge and experience through satisfactory completion of the Work History & Onsite Experience record to be entitled to attend a building interview and selected business units*


3.   Held an equivalent registration within 12 months prior to this application and selected business units*

*Business Units

  • BSBSMB401 Establish legal and risk management requirements of small business

  • BSBESB407 Manage finances for new business ventures


To alleviate concerns and ensure compliance with registration, CBS will be focussing on random audits across the swimming pool and spa industry throughout 2024 to confirm individuals and companies are correctly registered.

To avoid penalties and potential closure of business, members should ensure they have the correct Registration / License in place before undertaking any building or service work.


The Institute of Research and Learning (IRLearning) is dedicated to facilitating the license pathways and, consequently, has customised specific qualification intakes aligned with CBS stipulations.

Individuals with a minimum of 12 months of industry experience can choose the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) pathway whilst newer entrants with less than 12 months of experience in the industry have the option of enrolling in a comprehensive program covering all the necessary learning outcomes.

Visit the Institute of Research and Learning website for more information or call on 1800 802 482.

For More Information

Spiros Dassakis
Chief Policy Officer

Wendy Donaldson
General Manager
Institute of Research & Learning