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The Swimming Pool & Spa Industry provide essential health and safety services to the Australian community

SPASA Australia has advocated that the pool & spa industry is an essential service, which is delivering important health benefits to the community and reinforces that all industry is playing its part in the control and prevention of the spread of COVID-19.

  • Pool and spa businesses are an essential service that manage the service, maintenance and construction of swimming pools and spas, to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases and maintain community health
  • Pool and spa businesses are essential to public safety as we undertake safety assessments to keep children and the public protected in a compliant pool and spa environment
  • Pool and spa businesses are viewed as professional, responsible and trusted to work unsupervised in backyards. We adhere to Government requirements, such as social distancing, strict hygienic processes and contact-free construction, retail and service

SPASA Australia continues to work closely with the Australian, State and Territory governments to identify practical measures that can be taken to support the swimming pools and spa industry.

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