Safety starts with SUPERVISION

SPASA says; 

Pool & Spa Safety starts with SUPERVISION

There is no better place than a swimming pool or spa to have fun, exercise and gather with friends and family during summer.

Teaching children how to swim and play safely in and around water is especially important, as is always having adult supervision.

The Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia (SPASA Australia) takes the role of swimming pool safety very seriously. That is why we have developed the following tips for everyone to stay safe:

SUPERVISE:  always keep watch of children when around water. Supervision is the key to prevent toddler drowning, adequate supervision means a responsible adult is always supervising children in arms reach.

RESTRICT:  restrict unsupervised access to water. Understanding the importance of a compliant safety barrier and its maintenance ensures that access to the pool or spa is limited and provides a deterrent.

EDUCATION:  teach children to be water confident. Ensure children are taught swimming, survival and lifesaving skills at an early age, set rules for children near water and ensure those rules are enforced.

RESPOND:  learn CPR. In the event of an emergency, every parent and pool owner should have learnt first aid and CPR.

HEALTHY:  keep your pool/spa water healthy. A healthy pool or spa ensures that you and your family can swim and enjoy your pool and/or spa all year round by keeping the chemistry right.

Remember, while swimming pools and spas are a place of fun and enjoyment, supervision is always the key to safety.


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