The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) is responsible for pool safety inspector licensing, compliance and disciplinary functions. 

Pool safety register

All pools (and spas) in Queensland must be fenced and registered on the pool safety register.

The pool safety register includes a record of pools in Queensland, pool safety certificates issued and a list of all licensed pool safety inspectors.

If your pool isn’t registered you can be fined up to $2,356.

Register your pool or spa online, or by phoning the Queensland Building and Construction Commission on 139 333.

Check the register to see if your pool is already registered.

Find out more about registering your pool or spa.

Pool fences and safety barriers

Pool fences and safety barriers must be maintained to prevent young children from drowning or being seriously injured.

If you are a pool owner you must ensure:

  • your pool is fenced
  • pool fences or barriers are well maintained
  • any damage to fences or barriers is fixed immediately.

Pool safety laws

Queensland's pool safety laws were introduced in 2009 and apply to all pools—new and existing.

The key feature of the approach in Queensland of relevance to this review is the establishment of a Queensland pool safety standard, which is designated Queensland Development Code Mandatory Practice 3.4 (MP 3.4). In effect this standard is AS 1926-2007 as modified by the Queensland Development Code (QDC) which makes it in effect broadly equivalent to AS 1926-2012.


MP 3.4 Swimming Pool Barriers

Building Act 1975

Building Regulation 2006