Our Mission

SPASA Australia is dedicated to maintaining and improving the standards and growth within the swimming pool and spa industry for the betterment of members, comsumers and the industry in general.

Our Mission

Australia has one of the most developed and innovative Swimming Pool and Spa industries in the world. Our prized aquatic industry has been responsible for a number of worldwide industry innovations, some of the most stunning and integrated designs, and a range of world-class eco-sensitive products. Among many others, SPASA Australia represents directly to, and has affiliations with the following bodies:

  • Standards Australia
  • The Construction & Property Services Industry Skills Council (CPSISC)
  • The Australian Consumer & Competition Commission (ACCC)
  • The Australian Water Safety Council (AWSC)
  • The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA)
  • Royal Life Saving Society Australia

Constitutional Function

The objects for which the Company is established are:

  • To promote the swimming pool and spa industry and associated industries and activities throughout Australia and further the standards, goodwill, ethics, reputation and development of the Industry.
  • To pursue issues of national concern relating to the Industry.
  • To enter into any arrangements with any Government or authority, supreme, municipal, local or otherwise that may seem conducive to the Company’s objects or any of them; and to obtain from any such Government or authority any rights, privileges and concessions which the Company thinks it desirable to obtain; and to carry out, exercise and comply with any such arrangements, rights, privileges and concessions.
  • In furtherance of the objects of the Company to amalgamate with any companies, institutions, societies or associations having objects altogether or in part similar to those of the Company and which shall prohibit the distribution of its or their income and property among its or their members to an extent at least as great as that imposed upon the Company under or by virtue of Article 3.2 of this Constitution.
  • To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects and the exercise of the powers of the Company.