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SPASA Australia Awards 2014



  • All Awards winners will receive exclusive use of a unique digital Awards logo, permanent listing & links from the SPASA Australia website as well as a framed Gold, Silver or Bronze Award. Significant media coverage is assured. 
  • All winners of the four SPASA Australia member 2014 Awards of Excellence programs (ie: SPASA Qld, SA, Vic & WA) are automatically eligible for the inaugural Awards program.
  • SPASA Australia would like to thank the judges of the 2014 Awards, namely:

    Nathan Burkett - Landscape Design, Construction + Maintenace.

    Jim Fogarty - Landscape Design + Consultancy Service.

    Rob Portbury - Retired Pool Wholesaler.



SPASA Australia Pool of The Year

SPASA Australia Sustainability Award Product

Residential Concrete Pool (Traditional or Geometric) - Up To $50,000

Residential Concrete Pool (Traditional or Geometric) - $50,000 to $100,000

Residential Concrete Pool (Traditional or Geometric) - Over $100,000

Residential Concrete Pools Freeform or Natural $50,000 to $100,000

Residential Concrete Pool (Freeform or Natural) - Up To $50,000

Residential Concrete Pool (Freeform or Natural)- Over $100,000

Residential Fibreglass Pool - Up To $40,000

Residential Fibreglass Pool - Over $40,000

Residential Vinyl Lined In-ground Pools

Residential Pre-engineered Above Ground Vinyl Lined Pool

Residential Enclosed / Indoor Pool

Display Pools

Commercial Fibreglass Pool

Commercial Pools or Spas - Up To $250,000

Commercial Pools or Spas - Over $250,000

Best Renovation - Up To $25,000

Best Renovation - Over $25,000

Innovative Pool and/or Spa

Water Feature

Lap Pools

Sustainable Pools

Best In Situ Portable Spa